Being the owner of an old truck can cause a lot of trouble and expense for you. Taking it every day to the garage has become a headache for you then this is the right time to sell your old truck. It is not easy to afford the repairing cost of an old truck on a regular basis and with time its fuel efficiency also reduces. Whenever it stops working you have to call the towing company to move it which is another extra cost. So the best option is to sell your truck and buy a new one to get rid of all these troubles.

Many people keep their old trucks for the reason they are not able to find buyers for it but worry not because our company buys all types of trucks in Melbourne. We don’t care about the condition of your truck if it is old, scrapped, not working, rusted or accidental we accept all of them and also pay top cash for them.

Here we are going to explain the whole process through which you can sell your old truck in any area of Melbourne within a few hours.

Contact us

The first step towards selling your truck is to pick up your phone and contact us now. You can also contact us through an email. Our representatives will speak to you and provide you all the information. They will ask all the details about your truck its model, type and make and provide you the quotation accordingly. We provide very competitive prices in the market up to $14,999 with many other free services which you cannot get from any other company. We evaluate your trucks free of cost.

Get top cash for old truck: Cash for Trucks

Get your truck removed

After you accept the quote provided then comes the step of removing the truck.  As we all know removing truck is not an easy task for small companies because they don’t have the proper machinery for it. But our company as one of the biggest in Melbourne is experienced and equipped with proper machinery to remove all types of heavy vehicles. Our collection team makes sure they follow safety measures and remove the truck efficiently.

Our service for collection is very quick we can visit the location of your vehicle and remove the truck within a few hours. Normally, other companies charge for the removal of trucks but this service is provided absolutely free of cost by us.

Collection of cash

Our expert team will check the documents of the car like ownership details and will provide you all the necessary paperwork before moving the vehicle. You don’t need to do any paperwork we will prepare them all you just need to provide the vehicle documents. Once everything is cleared our team will provide you the cash on the spot. Yes, there will be no delay in your payment you will receive the top cash on the same day this is another benefit of dealing with us.

This is the fastest and most reliable way to sell your truck and earn cash in Melbourne. Our team is full of efficient and skilled workers they are ready to assist you any time.

Multiple reasons to choose us

There are multiple reasons why people choose to work with us because we do all the work and keep our customers stress-free. We pay them the highest cash in the city according to the vehicle if the truck has many parts in working condition then we pay extra amount for them. We never misguide our customers and pay only for the metal of the truck. There are no hidden terms and conditions and no hidden charges you will be paid the full amount promised to you.

We make sure not to harm the environment while dismantling the truck this is our policy. We are a registered company and follow all the rules set by the government. So you will have the peace of mind that you gave your vehicle in the right hands.

Call us now at xxxxxxxxxxx without any further delay and avail the chance to earn maximum cash by selling your truck.